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He was with Pantera. Had a bunch of side prohjects. Superjoint ritual and Down being the two major ones. He played guitar on the Superjoint ritual Cd`s `Use once and destroy` and `A Lethal dose of american hatred` I describe them as `perfcted garage rock` people just expected a lot more from him. Personally, I find both cd`s very good, same ol phil. Down is more melodic and relased 2 cd`s also `Nola` in 95` and `Down II` Down is more melodic and in general is thought to have more musical depth than superjoint ritual. I also belive Rex is playing with them, Rex being the old Bass player of Pantera.

Everyone hates phil. Not me, I love the fact he`s an asshole. He`s a successful herion addict. How many people do you know that have lived thier entire life addicted to a substance and lived, and he`s still going strong. He is a God of metal. Who cares if the guy is an asshole, listen to the music.
Guy1: Dude, phil just spit on me and called me a fucking asshole.

Me: So what, I thought you were supposted to be into metal, stop being such a whiney faggot.

Guy2:I hate Phil

Me: He`s sold millons of records colectivly and never followed the trend, blow me.
by giotech is godzilla May 01, 2005
Crazy ass dude that was in such kick ass bands as Pantera and down. And now is in super joint ritual
that Phil Anselmo guy is one hard core mutha fucka
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
A God in the metal world, plain and simple. Hate him or love him, its a fact.
Phil Anselmo is one of the few kings of metal
by Brent Papaleo August 16, 2007
The former lead singer of one of the most influential metal bands of all time Pantera. he has overcame heroin addiction and has many side projects including Down , Superjoint Ritual to name a few . He is hated by some now because they actually feel that phil and his words was the cause of Dimebag Darrell's death .Phil Anselmo now runs his own record label called Housecore Records some of the bands on that label are Crowbar and Assjack . Atrue pioneer in the whole growl to melodic singing department and a stage presence still untouched to this day .
did phil load the gun -no
did phil drive to that club - no
did phil walk on to the satge - no
did phil pull the trigger - no

so quit blaming phil anselmo .
by dc cowles November 24, 2010
Lead singer of legendary heavy metal band "Pantera". Known for his incredibly powerful voice. Was a great front man until he became an egotistical dick head and formed like 50 thousand "side projects" none of which are half as good as Pantera. Was once looked upon as one of the gods of metal, now everyone thinks hes a moron. Lost many Canadian fans after calling them "Tree hugging faggots".
All along everyone thought that Phil Anselmo was Pantera, turned out it was just those crazy Abbott brothers. Dimebag and Vinnie Paul are Pantera. Phil is just a bitch.
by JonnySideburns June 07, 2004
Phil Anselmo is a total burnout and a huge asshole. He used to be in an awesome band called Pantera, but he left that band in 2001 to form a stupid hardcore punk band called Superjoint Ritual.
Phil Anselmo, Phil, Philip, Pantera, Down
by Maarkus April 11, 2007
1. redneck

2. egoistic dick

3. sellout

4. moron

5. has-been
If he left a legendary band like Pantera for a second-rate grind band like Superjoint Ritual, next thing you know he'll leave metal all together become a country singer dueting with Faith Hill.
by Phil's a faggot June 14, 2004

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