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the act of titty fucking a girl and tickling her taint at the same time
So I found out last night that one has to be very flexible when tifting.
by tift March 24, 2009
a term used to imply that one has accepted what has just happened.

a way of saying "fuck it, it happened, it's over with, and i can't do anything about it now."

stating the realization that something has happened because it is part of living life whether that something be good or bad.

can be said in a southern accent: "juspartaliife"
Person 1: damn, i just got skunked in a game of beer pong and now i have to do a naked lap.
Person 2: that sucks, but it's just part of life.

Bubba: is it wrong tuh have a one night stand witta girl you juss met?
Cleatus: wut are yewa queer? fuck no, its juspartaliife.
by tift April 02, 2009

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