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A charlatan of epic proportions, theif, scoundrel, deciever, con-man, master of the dark arts, possible Warlock. Regularly tries to swindle you into buying broken cell phones. Always asks if you have money, if you want to go to McDonalds, or if you want anything from Perrys. Never give it money because it will be wasted on fatty cakes.

Pear-shaped, scumstache, wears dumb DC hat, always tilts it in a rediculous and dishonorable fashion. Blazer is vinyled with stupid silk screen designs, and shirts are always cheezy.

Believes to know martial arts, but is actually just a fat douche bag who who assumes a koala-like stance when challenging uninterested people to "spar".

Has disdain for Criss Angel and David Blaine, probobly because they are in 2nd and 3rd place in the magical asshole contest of America.

When asked to be in a movie, the Magic Kid declined, and stated that his "agent" should be contacted first. He proudly gave his agents number out, and he was called. But it was found that his agent was not in the best of health. In fact, his agent was in ICU. When the Magic Kid was told, he gave a smile and laughed his fat little fucking ass off.

Claims to be payed 200 dollars an hour to perform magic at a local pub, when one of the waiters was asked about this, he laughed and said the Magic Kid only comes around and hits on the women at the pub, and is never taken seriously, usually laughed at as a matter of fact. Not payed 200 dollars an hour.

Frequently picked on and photoshopped onto hilarious pictures. Pretends it doesnt effect him, but will most eventually lead him to shoot up his entire video class with a submachine gun or wand.

"I am the Magic Kid, I am a fucking faggot."

"Hey Malik, do you have any money? Oh wait sorry, I really didn't mean to be like the Magic Kid right there, please forgive me."

"People who know magic should be burned at the stake because of people like the Magic Kid."

"Fuck you, Magic Kid"

"One day I was sparring with my sensei..." - Magic Kid

"Who does the Magic Kid think he is? Marky Mark?" - Jim Helmer

"He looks more like a big pear to me..." - Jim Helmer
by thunderdome April 11, 2008
Similar to docking and can be simultaneously be done in the act of docking,

The Big Bang is the act of pressing two penises together head to head, masturbating, and producing a massive explosion of cum comparative only to the creation of the universe.
"Johnny and Richard have a habit of creating The Big Bang every time they masturbate together."
by thunderdome May 07, 2008

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