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Synonym for internet forum troll. This type of troll remains on topic, but will use other, more subtle tactics to inflame and incite other posters.

These tactics vary, ranging from purposefully aggravating signatures, avatars or fonts.

An inside joke of the Helmer is to use the word Helmer in the username, signature or avatar. It's a reference to the infamous "Helmer mass banning" that occurred on the My Little Pony forum in 2004.
Poster1 : That guy has some good points, but he has a picture of Jesus bullfighting an anus for his av and his font makes him seem really pretentious. Is it just me, or is that guy a gimmick?

Poster2 : He's not a gimmick, he's a Helmer, ignore him.
by realityking August 13, 2010
a person who rawks major socks. a badass of sorts. the hellmaster.
(person a):wow, matt is shredding on the bass tonight!
(person b):yeah, matt is definitely a true helmer!
by dando April 24, 2006
One who frequently engages in homosexual activities to please his prostate.
Yeah hes not gay, but hes a helmer.
by Dingle berry January 09, 2005
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