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6 definitions by threethirtycrew

Its a word that is all the racial slurs put together in meaning. Its very harsh, and shouldnt be used in every situation
"Hey John I just kicked your ass in basketball"

"Oh yeah well you're a Mallmugger!"

"Dude....thats low"
by threethirtycrew August 08, 2005
34 4
1)When its really cold out and your nipples start going crazy

2) To describe how cold it is
"Hey Sarah your nipples are going tittly fits"


"God Damn! Its tittly fits out there today!"
by threethirtycrew September 04, 2005
34 11
A question used to implicate someone who has shit their pants.
"Hey Scoo, remember back in the day when Bryan crapped himself?"

"Who Skid?"
by threethirtycrew October 13, 2005
27 12
The sound of wonderful
"Hey Marge you just won a million dollars, how do you feel!?"

by threethirtycrew December 05, 2005
14 4
1)a divice , or divices used to understand the composition of a subject matter

2)your hands
The blind man used his feelers to tell if the girl was hot or not
by threethirtycrew August 08, 2005
26 18
Meaning to beat someone horribly


Intending to beat someone horribly
"Yo Jake, Im about to wax that ass in Madden"

"Bring it on man"


"Dude you just waxxed that ass"
by threethirtycrew December 13, 2005
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