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your butt, buttox, bottom, bum, backside, ass.
Dillon: Hey Michael get off your wiffletree and do some work for a change!!

Michael: But I am really busy over here. I am doing the work of 3 people.
by three-m February 22, 2011
something you say when you make a mistake or when you are upset and mad at the current situation. Can occur if you forget something in the house after you have locked up when leaving or if you make a typo during a long email or if a freak or stalker calls and you pickup because you forgot to check the caller id and let it go to voicemail. Anything that pops up unexpectidly that you forgot about that ruins the moment.
Eric: Hey Michelle are we going to lunch already or what?

Michelle: Yeah hang on a second I need to get this email off to accounting so they can fix my sh*t!


Eric: Today please!

Michelle: Awegoddangit!!!!!

Eric: What now?

Micheller: I just realized I can't do lunch today because I have a conference call in 10 minutes.

Eric: Really? whatever....hey Kevin you want to go to lunch?
by three-m February 22, 2011
similar to saying god dang it but when you're even more frustrated or mad. Saying god dang it but with more authority. Similar to ordering a sandwhich in a busy deli at the peak of lunch rush. Usually you have to order real fast, loud and with authority. Give me a Corned Beef on Rye!
example 1


Jimmy: Yo Eric your phone is ringing

Eric: I know god dang it on Rye!, it's this fooker calling me back for the 50th time to ask me some stupid question about Windows Vista!

example 2

DMV attendant: Sir you are in the wrong line you have to go to the purple line to get your license renewed!

Man: But the assistant up front said I needed to be here in the Grren line!

DMV attandant: No this is for vision testing only you need to go to the purple line over there

Man: But I have been waiting for 45 minutes in this line and that purple line is all the way out the door

DMV attendant: Sir you have to go to the purple line

Man: God dang it on Rye I am going to kill someone
by three-m February 25, 2011
acronym for CheersThanksBye:

To say goodbye to someone in a polite but very rapid fashion.
salesrep: Hey Mr. customer thanks again so much for calling back and thanks for your continued business. I will follow up on your order next week once it ships.

Mr. customer: OK that sounds great thanks for getting this order out to me so quickly. Have a good one, talk to you soon.

salesrep: ok CTB
by three-m March 14, 2011
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