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the anus / butt hole
Man: "Honey, let's try anal sex."

Woman: "Don't think about taking the chocolate road!"
by thread-in-a-rug August 29, 2009
to have anal sex; any type of anal probing
"Last night was the first time I exit in her."

"You better know where to put that thing. I don't do exit in!"
by thread-in-a-rug August 29, 2009
failing out big-time in trends; a retardation that makes you slip into the way of the prior generation: your parent's generation!
Ewww... the way she dresses is soooo fobi.

Dude, our band is starting to sound fobi!
by thread-in-a-rug August 27, 2009
a phobia in which a person is highly disturbed when fingernails scratch against a vinyl surface. (the effect is the same to a vinylphobic as it would be to someone who cringes at the thought/sound/feel of fingernails scratching a chalkboard.)
Several students in class open up their vinyl folders, scratching the vinyl surface with their fingernails as they touch the folders.

The kid with vinylphobia cringes and covers his ears.
by thread-in-a-rug August 29, 2009
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