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1. noun.
The gap between two soft entities on the body. Usually the cleft between a womans breasts. Also sometimes used to describe the anus' "Butt Cleavage", or even out of the ordinary, fat caused cleavage in other parts of the body such as the side rolls, or even "chin cleavage"... burr.

2. noun.
Any gap caused by an axe or wedge shaped (cleaver) object.

3. verb.
The act of cutting or slicing your enimies. Done with a meat cleaver or any wedge, one can deal out "unnatural" cleavage to whomever they please, male OR female. To have cleavage in this case means to have the ability for cutting and slicing.
"Oh God I love that Cleavage!"

"As you can see, this phenominon left many cleavages in the rock formation here."

"Dude! I've got some major cleavage goin on. I'm gonna deal you some cleavage!"
by Thomual October 07, 2005
Americanized version of the word "Eunuch".

1. A man with his balls (testes) removed. Often used in royal courts to guard female royalty and concubines.

2. A man who is incapable of reproduciton.

3. A guy who doesn't seem to be interested in women, but also excluding homosexuality. They are just not the dating type.

4. A gutless wonder.

5. The third sex. The Non-sex.
"Mike is such a Unick, he's never dated a girl in his entire life!"
by Thomual June 12, 2004
Definitions listed in most common usage order.

1. verb. pheonetic (shoosh sounds like bush)
To silence, or cause someone to stop speaking. To tell someone to be silent. see also shut up.

2. verb. To tell or brush someone or something away or to send away. Variation of shoo!

3. Explative. An expression of shock. "Wow" or "Shoosh"!

4. Noun. A club also known as "The Secret Society of Shoosh".
A group of common friends who began meeting to conduct mock meetings and ceremonies usually before or after church events including weddings. They have come to use many new words such as, shoosh the verb, yurl Oh Yurla, blarg, indunction muncion, and cleavage.

5. Verb. Salutation, pheonetic (Shooosh!)
Synonym to the word "Hail". To hail someone is to acclaim enthusiasticly, or to salute or greet. Shoosh is used similarly by members of the "Shoosh society", named so after this word.
It originated from "shoosh" as previously defined meaning "be quiet" but was answered with "Shoosh!" So it became a substitution for "Hail".
"I can't take this noise anymore! Everybody Shoosh!"

"Is that what I think it is? Oh Shoosh!"

"Hey old buddy, Shoosh!" Reply: "Shoosh!"

"Have you yet become a member of Shoosh?"
"Blarg no! I havn't gone through the indunction munction yet!
"Oh yurla!"
by Thomual October 07, 2005
1. n. The hard (but softer than bone) stuff in your body that holds it together. Your nose and ears are made of cartilage, as well as Sharks skeletons and that crappy hard stuff in your meat.
"Did you see that episode of Ultimate Fighter? The guy broke the cartilage in his nose right in half!"
by Thomual October 09, 2005
1. Originally an expression of angst or confusion.
2. Sometimes also used as an explitve.
3. Has also been used as a universal word in place of any other word.
4. In some circles, Blarg has taken the upon the meaning of Nay, or No.
"All those in favor say Shoosh! Those opposed say Blarg."
"This is all Blarg" "All I have to say is, Blarg!"
by Thomual September 17, 2005
That hard piece of cartilage, fat, bone, or whatever the heck kind of crap is in your meat that you bite down on it, and it just doesn't chew right. Usually in bad, low quality meat like in McDonalds, the bargain aisle, or your cafeteria.

This stuff is GROSS!
Crunch... "Aw, Crap! I just bit down on a gringet!"
by Thomual October 20, 2005
Meaning Cool

Said in a cool way.

Also a Rapper
random person: "I like that hat you've got on"

cool guy: "cooleo"
by Thomual October 09, 2005

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