Pheonetic (yur-l-a) sounds like (grr-ul-a)

Usually said after "Oh" and sometimes before "Anderson"

Meaning yes, originated from the word "yea".
Sometimes implies "yes this is as hott as Pam Anderson".
Also is used as a greeting, often in cunjuncion with a secret handshake.

Invented from a group of guys who call themselves "Shoosh". From a quote in an early Comic based video game for the nintendo system, "oh yea" sounded like "oh yurl", over time the word became associated with Pamela Anderson, getting the final A sound to make the phrase, "Oh Yurla Anderson". The word has been shortened to "Yurla" meaning "Yea" or "Yes" and is part of, but not limited to a common greeting among "shoosh" members. It is usually said with enthusiasticly high and low inflections in the voice.
"You are so Ka Yurla Andersonly Awsome!"
Responce: "Oh Yurla"
by Thomual September 17, 2005

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