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Something totally, mindblowingly, extraordinary, amazingly cool. In other words the combination of the terms Steez to the max.
Yeah, that's so stax
by TheStaxGuy January 12, 2011
Any large amount of money thats more than $100
P1: I just got $300
P2: nigga you got stax
by Steez-O August 09, 2010
More than $100.
I just got $300 and it is more than $100. I have got stax.
by Shivang December 13, 2014
A good song, record, artist, usually hip-hop or R & B. Comes from the Motown era record company Stax records.
"Hey, you hear Atmosphere's new cut?"
"Yeah man, that shit was stax."
by Anna King January 17, 2004
stupid fat fucker firby tree hugging lame ass fag
"Hey stax"
"u r sux"
"i know"
by john smith April 16, 2003
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