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A person who lives in a caravan who skavs money from people. alot of this species of human is found in kidderminster, UK.
that fucking jippo just nicked my stereo!
by theswirly November 17, 2003
When people advertise things on Ebay and display their nude bodies reflected on the items for sale
that's some good reflecto-porn there!
by theswirly November 17, 2003
when something is legendary so much that it could usually only be achieved by magic
that was so monagical
by theswirly November 24, 2003
Type of hard person from Chesterfield / Sheffield, UK. See tolly
He were a r8 shezzer (northern accent)
by theswirly November 17, 2003
see jippo and tolly
that woman is such a chavvy
by theswirly November 24, 2003
Another phrase for a jock that thinks the sun shines out of his ass.
Shit sister, there's way too many fun boys in my halls!
by theswirly May 04, 2006
A person from a crap area of Worcester, England. He / she will wear big Timberland boots, sports gear, massive jewellry and the males will tuck their trousers into their socks.

There is a distinct lack of intelligence and grammar. 'Youm fick you am' is a typical example. They also drive Vauxhall Novas (kev cars) with kevved up exhaust pipes, etc.
Jesus, look at that group of tollies - what a bunch of twats
by theswirly November 17, 2003
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