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Nondescript post-industrial redbrick town in the Midlands (UK), good football team, top countryside nearby. About 20 minutes from Birmingham which actually has cinemas, shops and good places to get pissed. Lots of skaters / alternative people & almost as many charvas to grief them relentlessley. Rotting factories & concrete 1960s shopping centers and tower blocks everywhere but hell, i still love it!
+'There's nothing to do in Kidderminster except go out and get wasted.'

-'Shall we go to Birmingham, go out & get wasted then?'

by therealrichieedwards May 01, 2004
Concrete block substitute for a town. Makes nice carpets.
Kidderminster carpets. The perfect fit every time!
#kiddie #kidderminster #town #industrial #midlands #worcestershire
by the_neognostic August 24, 2008
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