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3 definitions by thesupposedjew

when a girl wears high-waisted (mom) pants, thinking that they are cool, just because they are from urban outfitters, but really they just make their ass look really bad. and flat. going up the bottom of the crack. like a pear.
oh man, did you see that girl, those mom pants gave her a total pear ass?

dude, do these pants give me a pear ass?
by thesupposedjew December 29, 2008
9 9
someone who doesn't eat ANY meat. pescatarianism is kinda lame-o. despite, what most guys would think, girls LOVE veg dudes. they think it's wicked hawwwt.
art student: "I wish more guys were vegetarians, I don't want to raise my kids with some bacon-eater"

gal pal: "I heard tim, from painting seminar II is veg."

art student: "oh my god, that is SO hot. I'm totally gonna bang him laterrrrr."
by thesupposedjew December 29, 2008
40 47
yeah, i am vegetarian, but i read this book that the peta president wrote, and they ARE crazy. i mean i agree with the basic "animals are equal" type stuff, but i don't think you should be destroying poeples property to make a point like throwing red paint at fur-clad people- they are just going to go out and buy another, and kill another fox, you retards. ugh!
fur wearer: what a loverly day outside, i think I shall wear my fox coat!
peta psycho: *splatters with paint*
fur wearer: you runined it! il have to buy another in the morning! hmph!
by thesupposedjew December 29, 2008
53 178