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7 definitions by thesensone

When a tweeker says fifteen minutes but it really ends up being three hours.
Where is that fool at? He's on tweeker time bro, he'll be back at 2 am.
by thesensone June 15, 2011
10 2
someone who uses proper grammer in a text message
Man, why does Dave always have to use periods and capital when he text?

Because he's a grammatical texter.
by thesensone July 14, 2011
3 2
Someone of both hispanic and caucasion ethnicity.
Billiy: Hey man, you look white but have a hispanic last name, what's up with that?
Rick: I'm a half bean man!
by thesensone June 16, 2011
1 0
similar to cotton mouth except your mouth is dry from eating alotta vagina
After eating all that pussy I had a major case of twottin mouth.
by thesensone June 26, 2011
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To stop one into the ground with your feet.
Don't make me fucking Bristol Stomp your ass mother fucker!!!
by thesensone June 16, 2011
0 1
Acronym for Tank Ass Syndrome.

One who has an ass like a tank.
Did you see the T.A.S. on that biatch! That shit was huge!
by thesensone June 16, 2011
4 11
A horrible actor that looks and sound like a complete fag.
Steve:Hey have you seen Titanic?
Ricky: Yeah, I changed it once I saw the fag Billy Zane was in it.
by thesensone June 16, 2011
2 25