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A rich white preppy upscale school on the upper east side of manhattan. Its private and has a lot of hot girls who have a lot of money in the richest part of manhattan and probably the world. Most of the girls are stuck up and hot or are stuck up and ugly there is no inbetween. All the girls there are mad smart so even the hot ones are kind of nerdy and will probably be CEO's one day. Its also sister school to the all boys exclusive Regis High School which is also full of rich smart herbs.
Guy: Yo check out that girl she is bangin
Regis Kid: Yes, I know her she goes to Dominican Academy.
Guy: So what you gonna get married and take over the world together?
by therealest February 01, 2007
to have sex with a girl
"You get no puss, when are you gonna catch a body."
by therealest May 19, 2007

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