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(Noun) Meaning one who loves to eat, sleep, play video games, and do nothing else.
My friend is a typical example of a fonyun, he doesn't do anything productive, but has so much fun.
by thegreatestofemall April 05, 2003
(Noun.) An article of little worth, it is an object commonly found in the most remote of cisterns in Northern Tibet territory.
There are many gior-chors found in the tribal outlying climates of mount everest.
by thegreatestofemall April 05, 2003
(Noun) A type of chopstick that is used not only for culinary purposes, but also for toiletary means.
By using a chia-lin, one can loosen out those hard-to-get-out pieces of you-know-what before they come to seriously harm one's esteem.
by thegreatestofemall April 05, 2003
(Noun) A Korean type of drum, custom made, so as to induce oozy feelings to all those who hear it. Can be used for any beat.
It is a Korean custom to use Seung-Hans for loud, merry music making.
by thegreatestofemall April 05, 2003
(noun.) A type of plant which grows in the remote region of Inner Mongolia. Commonly known for its toxic attributes, it is a plant which is deadly whenever found.
Zhong plants were used by Genghis Khan when fighting the last of the Song Dynasty warriors.
by thegreatestofemall April 05, 2003
(Noun.) Not a common English word. However, originating from the tribal language of Urakurazah, it has come into usage as the English word for a statement of purpose, a declaration of a sort.
I Meesh am going to find some evidence to free the people of Urakurazah.
by thegreatestofemall April 05, 2003
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