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1. A guy who sleeps a lot and is unreliable.
2. Someone who is very hyper.
3. A term for someone who gets his sandwich stolen by seagulls.
4. Slang for derp.
1. Let's play a game Zhong! ..Zhong?
2. YES WOHOOO GOGOGO DAMMN BOII! - Dude, stop being such a Zhong.
3. Hahaha that seagull stole his sandwich! What a Zhong!
4. Just zhonging around.
by EoN D June 18, 2013
(noun.) A type of plant which grows in the remote region of Inner Mongolia. Commonly known for its toxic attributes, it is a plant which is deadly whenever found.
Zhong plants were used by Genghis Khan when fighting the last of the Song Dynasty warriors.
by thegreatestofemall April 05, 2003