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65 definitions by thedzone

Sonny Bono is a complete enigma:

A successful songwriter who didn't know anything about it.
A successful singer who couldn't sing.
A successful actor who couldn't act.
A successful politician who didn't know about politics.
Had good-looking wives and he was not.
Died from skiing cuz he wasn't a skier.
We liked him and we don't know why.
Sonny Bono was an icon of some type...
the 60s and 70s?... ya!
by thedzone September 26, 2009
An old term for not saying Jesus Christ, thus not using Christ's(God's) name in vain and not breaking one of the 10 Commandments or blaspheming. Usually used with emphasis.

Now people say: Jesus!, Jesus Christ!, geez!, or geez Louise! instead.

The term is older than the character from Disney films: a talking, singing, and fancy-looking cricket.
Jiminy cricket that marine just gave me a hot-foot!!...I'll kill him!!!

Did you see what that tornado did to that old barn--jiminy crickets!
by thedzone September 29, 2009
Ear-piercing cackle a woman makes for attention usually within a group of other women. Often heard at restaurants.
I wish that lady with the chicken laugh would shut up!

Hear that chicken laugh?...must be a bunch of women over there.

Dude, you sound like a girl with that chicken laugh!
by thedzone October 04, 2009
Magician, illusionist, trickster.
One with fast hands like a street magician.
Probably from the Italian presto(fast)
and Latin digitus (fingers).
David Blaine is one of the greatest prestidigitators of all time!!

Oooh i'm sooo impressed...you must be a prestidigitator!

That damn prestidigitator took me for three grand!!!
by thedzone October 01, 2009
Fictional wacky and zany composer made up by wacky and zany real composer genius Peter Schickele. He has made many albums that are funny parodies of classical music and music in general and has won many awards. P.D.Q. stands for pretty damn quick but only Schickele knows the truth. Peter can be found at the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople.
Have you heard any P.D.Q. Bach?
Awesome comedy--totally cool!
by thedzone October 12, 2009
Sarcastic term for giving someone unnecessary recognition. Similar to a pat on the head or back. From the younger Girl Scouts called Brownies that are given buttons or badges for good deeds or accomplishments.
Calm down John...I'll give you a Brownie Button for not punching that rude old lady in the face for giving you the finger!
by thedzone October 06, 2009
Dated American insult for Whites most often used by Blacks and sometimes Latinos. Heard often in the 1970s but no so much anymore.
In 7th grade wood shop class Vertiz called me a white-ass honky every day!
by thedzone October 02, 2009