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65 definitions by thedzone

Neanderthalic chant that is heard from the audience or fans of Jerry Springer. Always repeated for emphasis when something wacky and zany is going to happen...like a cat fight.
Floozy #1 She gots ta gets away from my man!
Floozy #2 No, I ain't gonna, he's mine!
Jerry Springer: Uh oh...sounds like trouble!
Crowd: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
by thedzone October 03, 2009
14 4
A totally uncool prude!

Made famous on SNL by Dana Carvey in old lady drag stating

OMG you are acting like such a church lady!

Stop acting like a church lady...I'm gonna puke!!

OK church lady...PARDON ME!!!!!

Dude--you sound like such a a church lady!!!
by thedzone September 30, 2009
10 0
An area high above a stage floor (unseen by the audience)
for the stage crew to access lights, curtains...etc. It is usually narrow and can be dangerous if you screw around up there.
I told you guys not to fuck around up there--get off the catwalk now!!!
by thedzone January 23, 2010
15 7
A small shack to store wood for burning...usually logs. Back in the old days when a whooping was legal to give your children, a parent would take a child there to whoop them good for being bad.
Son in 1930: Fuck off mom!...oops.

Father in 1930: I heard that...you best go back to the woodshed now.

Son in 1930 woodshed: oooowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
by thedzone October 09, 2009
17 9
Term coined by comedian George Carlin for the worst possible person in the world from a conservative American's point of view during the hippie era thus: A communistic homosexual addicted to heroine.
Nixon must think all the hippies are commie-fag-junkies!
by thedzone October 01, 2009
12 5
Was neither underground nor a railroad. It was the different ways that Southern slaves escaped their masters by getting help from abolitionists to lead them to freedom in the North. Made famous by Harriet Tubman.
Toby: We gots ta gets free I her da massa's call!
Chicken George: Hopes we kan finds hep in da underground railroad!
by thedzone October 07, 2009
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Sonny Bono is a complete enigma:

A successful songwriter who didn't know anything about it.
A successful singer who couldn't sing.
A successful actor who couldn't act.
A successful politician who didn't know about politics.
Had good-looking wives and he was not.
Died from skiing cuz he wasn't a skier.
We liked him and we don't know why.
Sonny Bono was an icon of some type...
the 60s and 70s?... ya!
by thedzone September 26, 2009
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