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1. A stranger in a strange land.
2. One from a different country.
3. In the Midwest and Southern US many people are considered foreigners if they are from a different state, county, or town.
4. A successful Rock band named Foreigner.
1. I am foreign to this area.
2. I hate those foreigners who don't speak English.
3. Now lookie here... we don't want none of them foreigners from Jackson County 'round here!
4. Sorry dude, I got so drunk at the Foreigner concert that I crapped my pants.
by thedzone October 06, 2009
An old term for not saying Jesus Christ, thus not using Christ's(God's) name in vain and not breaking one of the 10 Commandments or blaspheming. Usually used with emphasis.

Now people say: Jesus!, Jesus Christ!, geez!, or geez Louise! instead.

The term is older than the character from Disney films: a talking, singing, and fancy-looking cricket.
Jiminy cricket that marine just gave me a hot-foot!!...I'll kill him!!!

Did you see what that tornado did to that old barn--jiminy crickets!
by thedzone September 29, 2009
Neanderthalic chant that is heard from the audience or fans of Jerry Springer. Always repeated for emphasis when something wacky and zany is going to happen...like a cat fight.
Floozy #1 She gots ta gets away from my man!
Floozy #2 No, I ain't gonna, he's mine!
Jerry Springer: Uh oh...sounds like trouble!
Crowd: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
by thedzone October 03, 2009
A totally uncool prude!

Made famous on SNL by Dana Carvey in old lady drag stating

OMG you are acting like such a church lady!

Stop acting like a church lady...I'm gonna puke!!

OK church lady...PARDON ME!!!!!

Dude--you sound like such a a church lady!!!
by thedzone September 30, 2009
1. A man in front of an area such as a circus or side show, talking and shouting to get people interested in buying a ticket or spending money; often wearing a straw hat, and a red and white striped blazer.
2. A dog that barks too much.
3. An unattractive female.
1. That barker really cost me a fortune with his fast talking!!!
2. That little barker next door kept me up all night long!!
3. Man...that girl over there is a real barker... woof-woof!
by thedzone August 06, 2010
British phrase that kids ask their neighbors-similar to USA's
"Trick or Treat"-because they need money for the Guy Fawkes dummy that they are making for the parade and bonfire.
(knock knock on door) " 'ello then and what ye need?"

" Penny for the Guy?"

" The' ye ar' "

"Thanks mista' "
by thedzone October 02, 2009
Term coined by comedian George Carlin for the worst possible person in the world from a conservative American's point of view during the hippie era thus: A communistic homosexual addicted to heroine.
Nixon must think all the hippies are commie-fag-junkies!
by thedzone October 01, 2009
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