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A tiny town infested with pregnant teenagers and creepy Wal-Mart goers.
Wow, that twelve year old is pregnant, she must be from Fowlerville.
#fowlerville #teen pregnancy #small town #wal-mart #rednecks
by 8388 March 23, 2009
One big hick town with kids who like to think they're "gangsta" and from the "hood".

Also known as: Fowlertucky, Flowerville, and Hooterville.
"Look at the white kid acting like he's a gangsta. He must be from Fowlerville."
#fowlerville #gangsta #hick #town #hood
by luckyclover October 14, 2009
Fowlerville is a small town near lansing where all the kids think they are badasses and they're right,big trucks,camo, and boots, what else is badass? nothing.
Tom: hey Joe, you see that lifted truck?
Joe: yeah
Tom: must be some badass from fowlerville, lets go before his monster truck runs over my car.
#fowlerville #fowlrville #folwerville #fowlervile #fowlertucky
by theBigG November 21, 2012
A small little town outside of lansing where everyone thinks that they are so country western and yes listens to rap music. The people there are mean and all they do is hang out at walmart. There are no hills and it is super flat and grey
glad i got out of fowlerville
#lansing #small #town #country #music
by 85633 June 07, 2011
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