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5 definitions by the_trapper

Popular Canadian poker game played outside in the freezing cold weather and the last remaining player takes whatever is left of the pot.
Me and the boys are partaking in a game of snowpoker tonite honey...don't wait up.
by the_trapper August 15, 2006
97 24
A sexy young teenage girl with a natural flat smooth tummy that hasn't had her body ruined by pregnancy or over indulgence. Not to be confused with a hardbody that requires work outs and usually refers to a male.
Sam: Hey check out that gorgeous little hardbelly. Fred: Careful buddy.....15 will get you 20.
by the_trapper August 15, 2006
21 7
large sperm buildup which when relieved would be enough to cover a moose. Usually due to lack of sex for an extended period of time.
Man...I havent had sex in so long I could "shampoo a moose".
by the_trapper August 15, 2006
7 2
sudden feeling of total loss of control which is caused by too much drinking and then smoking wheelchair weed. See definition of broccoli. Leaning against the wall while having a cold shower, or draping yourself over the back of a chair hasn't proven to alleviate symptoms. Known side effects are kicking out your friends and locking your doors.
I had such a good time lastnite until we smoked a couple of BC buds mixed with a little honey oil. After that I had a whiteout. I was a total mess!!
by the_trapper August 16, 2006
12 13
drunk and stoned to the point of no return. Signs of someone being broccoli is crawling on their hands and knees trying to get to the nearest bed, or staying close to the floor just trying to breathe. Do not disturb or attempt to talk to someone who is broccoli, just let them go. At this point,sexof any kind is totally out of the question.
I knew we shouldn't have smoked that joint after the bar. Look at Linda now....she is just broccoli!!
by the_trapper August 16, 2006
25 57