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As 16 is the legal age of consent, meaning you can legally have sex with a person at that age, it is illegal for anyone above the age of 16 to have sex with a person below the age of 16. Therefore, when you sleep with a 15 year old (or younger), you will get 20 years in prison. 15 (years old) will get you 20 (years in prison).
"Damn! Look at that ass! You know I like 'em petite.
DAMN JEROME! 15 will get you 20 man!"
by 15, the Golden Age! September 30, 2006
264 111
Aphorism warning of the danger of engaging in sexual intimacy with a girl who is physically --- but not chronologically --- mature.
I've got a boner for that cheerleader that's a foot long, but I'm gonna go home and choke the chicken instead; 15 will get you 20.
by David October 31, 2003
107 24