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n. An incomprehensibly skanky night walker, is to a hooker what a superhero is to a human (but with more VD's).
Linda is a powerwhore, she blew ten guys. At once.

Guy: You're a powerwhore.
Dude: What's your reasoning behind that?
by The Penguin Incarnate October 27, 2003
n. The Scientific Measurement for levels of Funk. 10 Kravitz= 1 Hendrix, 25 Hendrix= 1 Hayes, 50 Hayes= 1 Fonzie. Examples: the 1970's rate 3 Fonzies, 16 Hayes on the Scale, where as Joseph Lieberman is -10,000 Fonzies.
When Stu went to the rollerdisco he used his the funkometer to rate the funkiness of the rollerdisco.
by The Penguin Incarnate October 26, 2003
n. Derived from Greek meaning, "a fucking dickwad." Used in reference to cockjockies, asscrabs, bitches, and assbuckets, to name but a few.
That Johny is a fucknaut, he insulted my girlfriend then vomited in my car.
by The Penguin Incarnate October 15, 2003
n. To deficate on someone, particualarly a female, see also Cleaveland Steamer.
Charleece really didn't like it when Steven did a Hausedorfer on her chest.
by The Penguin Incarnate June 07, 2003
One who jockies cocks, a cockknocker, or shit for brains, often a funky badonkadonk monkey.
Playstation, Microsoft, and Nintendo fanboys are all cockjockies.
by The Penguin Incarnate June 07, 2003
n. An ethnic slur against those from Hindustan.
Drive this cab faster you damn punjabber.

Look at all the curry this punjabber put on my chicken, it's completely ruined!
by The Penguin Incarnate October 13, 2003
v. To cock slap someone, typically in the face, also see jallop.
After beating Joe in Warcraft III, Tommy jaloped him right in the face.
by The Penguin Incarnate October 26, 2003

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