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Alcohol Related Incident. Something that happens that was caused by consuming too much alcohol.
Poor Joe, he fell down the stairs and they called it an ARI.
by the howboucha guy February 17, 2008
An organ in the body doctors have yet to find. It's function is to store the products expelled during a good puke. It is filled with sausage, peppers, tomato skins, ziti's, meat chunks and various alcohol type fluids such as beer and vodka. The organ assures that you will have a productive puke when you drink a little too much and not just have the dry heaves.
Let me go to the buffet to eat something to refill my puke organ.
by the howboucha guy January 24, 2008
What you call a big fat guy named BOB.
Blob should pay more then us for the pizzas because he eats two pizzas all by himself.
by the howboucha guy March 06, 2008
What you would call a broken boomarang
The boomarang never came back...lets just call it a stick
by the howboucha guy April 16, 2008

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