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Catching feelings for someone. Has you feeling confused as to what you should do regarding the person. Maybe want to start a relationship, maybe want to just have sexual encounters, depends on how deep the situation is. You really want to be close to that person whether it's physical or emotional. You could just sit there and smile at them.
He/she really got me feeling some type of way tonight
by The hott one September 13, 2015
synonym for butt kisser, usually refers to sleeping with the boss
James got promoted cause he's such an ass licker!
by the hott one May 29, 2005
a huge party, like a fiesta but it's not spanish
Woo Margot Fest baby!!
by the hott one May 29, 2005
synonym for much or a lot
(Jane walks out of the house with tie dye knee-high socks. Friend Lily is taken aback)
Lily: Whoa, hippies de mayo
by the hott one May 29, 2005
one mother fucking dumbass
Guy 1: We're going to have a round of golf lad.
Guy 2: You fucking cocksucker.
by the hott one May 29, 2005
Some place near Orlando that was supposed to be Disney World originally but the only people they got were whores and such, hence the new name Whorelando.
Bob: I'm taking the kids to Whorelando for the weekend.
Steve: That sounds fun. Bring the condoms, leave the wife.
by the hott one May 29, 2005
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