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Specifically, the area where the Disney College Program interns stay. If you can't get laid there, you can't get laid anywhere.
Chris is an ugly mofo, but even he had a different girl every weekend in whorelando.
by MouseKiller March 09, 2005
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The city located in central Florida. It's most known for all its attractions and theme parks. It's also been called the minimum-wage capital of the U.S. because the theme parks' employees make up a HUGE part of the city's workforce.

Home of the Orlando Magic, a team that was good until Shaq left, and average until T-Mac left. Now the team is sitting in the bottom of the standings, with no fans and even less chances of winning a title.

In other words, if it wasn't for Disney World, Orlando would be just a halfway point on I-4.
The city itself is filled with slums (see Pine Hills), but the suburbs are much more affluent (see Winter Park).
by KRHimself November 28, 2004
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Some place near Orlando that was supposed to be Disney World originally but the only people they got were whores and such, hence the new name Whorelando.
Bob: I'm taking the kids to Whorelando for the weekend.
Steve: That sounds fun. Bring the condoms, leave the wife.
by the hott one May 29, 2005
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