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the rule that says that you are allowed to walk away any time during the first 3 minuites of a date.
i went on a date with this chick but after two and a half minuites of her non stop talking i lemon lawed her. (lemon lawed = to use the lemon law on)

That lemon law totally saved me from a this monobrowed chick
by The Graham June 08, 2009
the amount of police officers typically found in a certain area
I can never speed around my house because there's such a dense copulation.

Don't worry about it, there is such a small copulation around here.
by The Graham June 01, 2011
When two beards are rubbed together in a loving, passionate, or otherwise caring way.
Me and Adam totally Amish Kissed the other day it was so hot.
by The Graham May 02, 2011
special needs adolescent

A way to call someone retarded without insulting actual disabled people
Josh:I like peanut butter and ham

Graham:Your such a SNA
by The Graham March 15, 2009
normal, plain, or average
Dave: does that always happen?

Jerry: Ya, it's as normal as cow shit pie
by The Graham March 17, 2009
adj. describing someone who believes everything they see/read online.
you're so googullable, obviously a cell phone doesnt turn into a demon in a microwave
by the graham July 06, 2011
When your hair is in a bun and gets all messed up by the wind so its all messy and weird, thus, looking like a bundle of pubes.
Paige: "The wind is messing up my hair."
Rachel: "Yeah, It's giving me a pubic bundle."
by The Graham June 02, 2010

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