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Means either one of two things 1: where you get so much pussy from a woman of women and/or such great pussy that for the time that is all you can think of and are over come at how alsome and great it is. 2. A red light district.
The two meanings can overlap.
1. I could really go to pussy city with her.
2. Can you show me how to get to pussy city?
by The Fury 13 October 16, 2010
Any event that happens that is like columbine but instead of people being shot they are raped.While not good it is bound to happen sooner or later because of personal and sexual frustration in this cock block world.
Rapebine in bound to happen sooner or later.
by The Fury 13 September 26, 2010
A woman, most often a teen woman who knows just about everything there is to know about sex,drugs,how to have an orgasm,how to get boys and how to outwit parents and teachers etc. and shears her knowledge with other women, most often teen women.
She's a woman in the know.
by The Fury 13 January 22, 2011
A moral Philosophy that says that all organisms have evolved to survive and reproduce there own kind. To do this they seek out and do what ever is in there best interest at least in the long run. What they do by seeking what gives the mose pleasure or avoids pain. And that with all the things that do this a dollar value can be placed on it. And that all the morals that a person holdes they should hold only because it will help them make and/or save money.There is a movement to reform all morals on this principle called the economic moral determinism movement.
She believes in economic moral determinism.
by The Fury 13 January 14, 2011
A millitant grass roots movement that seeks to form communist groups of mostly young people around the world, each group being called a red brigade and which seeks through armed struggle to form communist revolutionary governments to overcome the economic explotation of the worlds poor.
Support the red brigades movement.
by The Fury 13 November 13, 2010
Pussy,cunt ,twat ect.
She's got a good candy hole.
by The Fury 13 October 25, 2010
A notebook that a person most often rites down every detail of all her sexual experences most often for 411 ing so she can make her boyfriend ect. also experence her sexual experences in his imagination.
For example she can look in it and think,"oh, I gave a blowjob that day and it was the firest time I swallowed cum.
She's got a sex diary.
by The Fury 13 October 23, 2010

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