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A type of porn that in addition to being hot and sexy is also meant to be a work of art. That is, it is made to be beautiful and to have artistic meaning.
Do you like art porn?
by The Fury 13 October 27, 2010
A question a white person should never ask a black person. Either all white people look pale to them or they have never looked close enough to tell.
White guy: I don't feel so good. Do I look pale to you?
Black guy: You all ways look pale to me.
by The Fury 13 October 09, 2010
A belief in Asmodeus worship whether or not you practice it and/or in Asmodeus as a supernatural being who is a god of sex.
Do you believe in Asmodeusism.
by The Fury 13 October 02, 2010
A movement that seeks to get retarded people layed or in other words to have sex because no one else will do it and they deserve sex like other people do.
He's in the retard laying movement.
by The Fury 13 January 29, 2011
A prom that you go to in junior high. Where you can dance etc. and do some wild and crazy things. It is mainly to give you some experience with going to a prom at going to a prom so that when you go to your high school prom you are less likely to mess things up.
What are your plans for the junior high prom?
by The Fury 13 January 22, 2011
A movement that seeks to make prostitution legal. Because getting pussy is always getting your money's worth whatever the price.
Support the prostitution legalization movement.
by The Fury 13 January 18, 2011
A pervert because it gives the impression of them as they arelly are, someone who loves sex and pleasure and most people and is an all around nice person. They reject society's values because they know there stupid and as a result can have amazing sexual aventures and people in the know wish they were them.
He's a purr bird.
by The Fury 13 January 07, 2011

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