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A year in which many things happened. The USSR ceased to exist. The world wide web came in to being. Nirvana released their "Nevermind" album leading to the grunge fashion trends that would follow. Also its the same backwards as it is forwards (i think that's kinda cool) The first gulf war was going on, and the first George Bush was president.
he was born in 1991

1991 and the rest of the 90s provided many technological advances
by thatswicked May 11, 2006
this word is often misused and has negative connotations. in reality, popular (when referring to a person) is when someone is very well liked and has a lot of genuine friends, most likely because they are a nice/friendly person. However, through the media and highschools around america, "popular" has grown to describe a certain group of people. these people, like punks, nerds, etc. have their own social code, which usually (but not always) includes expensive items/services, sports teams, and cheerleading. These people are not necessarily popular, yes some of them genuinly are well liked and have lots of friends becuase they too (gasp) are nice people. but some of them unfortunately are under the false impression that they are better than everyone else because of their possesions and friends/boyfriends/girlfriends, (who to these people also count as possesions).
girl 1: wow, have you ever noticed how many friends karen has? She's really popular
girl 2: i know, i hang out with her at the skatepark, she's really nice. She does a lot of activities, she must a lot of friends through them.

guy 1: how'd u get all that work done?
guy 2: oh, Robby helped me last night
guy 3: oh yeah he's really smart
guy 4 (just joined convo): who, robby? he's awesome, good tennnis player too, helped me with my serve.
guy 5: that dude's friggin' hilarious
by thatswicked April 20, 2006
Seeing as concord is a wealthy town (don't try to deny it, the average (AVERAGE) house is 800k) There are many children who's parents are vice presidents of companies such as oracle and bank of america. Many people are very materialistic (i'm not saying that's good or bad, just a fact) And preppiness is prevalent. There is also a fairly large contigent of skaters/punks/"individualists"/druggies (i'm not saying they are the same thing) probably because of the large sect of preps. There are a lot of broken homes, which possibly lead to the drug/alcohol abuse. All in all however, most concord kids (despite how rich their families are) are just like normal average kids you can find everywhere (and yes we have our fair share of complete and total idiots.)
girl 1: where are you going for february vacation?
girl 2: i'm going skiing with my stepfather and stepsister in vail. What about you?
girl 1: oh, i'm going to prague to shop with my stepmother. She seems to think that she can buy my love. and it's kinda working

guy 1: dude, did you hear? they set the halfpipe at the skatepark on fire!
guy 2: i was there man!
guy 1: sick! you must've been wasted!
guy 2: haha, yeah dude
guy 1: wanna go hang out at cumby's down in concord center?
guy 2: sure

girl 1: hey, wanna come over tonight and get ready for the dance together?
girl 2: sure sounds like fun, then we can go back to my house and watch snl
by thatswicked April 20, 2006
the perfect example of the effects of propaganda and the influence of the media.
think about it, santa fits down a chimney, and FLYING reindeer?!
by thatswicked August 02, 2006

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