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Wheels on a car at least 20 inches in diameter, from double-tens (i.e 20)
Rapper 1: Sup bredren, check the dubs on the caddy.
Rapper 2: Fuckin rite doggy. Lets escalade back to the hood.
by thats a negatory June 10, 2005
Pornographic materials such as magazines, internet sites or videos
Anders: Where's Warby?
Merrell: Oh he's upstairs on the computer looking at grumble
by thats a negatory June 10, 2005
the prickly hot sensation experience at the back door after a) a spicy curry or b) excessive wiping of said back door followin said spicy curry
Cecil: Bloody hell Gideon, that economy toilet paper gave me awful ringburn. I wont be able to sit down for a week,
by thats a negatory June 10, 2005
An event or activity which has totally messed up, due to the lack of organisation or planning. From gangfuck as in orgy, where everything is totally random and dis ordered.
Ron: this outing to the beach has turned into a righ gangfuck since everyone got drunk
Nigel: yeah man, its fucked up.
by thats a negatory June 10, 2005
Very Good. Super. From Adidas Boston Super trainers.
Marcus: So do you like my new car then?
Fritz: Yeah man, it's Boston
by thats a negatory June 10, 2005

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