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craving food after smoking weed
"I've got the munchies, I must be really screwed up."
by that one girl January 11, 2004
1.A way for the American goverment to start taking away our basic rights.
2. A trick to take away Americans basic rights by making it seem as if were safer, but in reality were only in danger
More than 50% of all crimes in England are with guns. They have gun control. The chinnese people cant stand up for their rights becuse they dont have rights, such as the right to bear arms.
by That One Girl November 24, 2003
Preptown, USA. Don't come to Avon, there's nothing here but preps and strip-malls.
Kid 1: Where do you live?
Kid 2: Avon
Kid 1: Oh, I'm sorry.
by that one girl February 25, 2004
Indie Rock band signed to DC Flag Records, which is run by Benji and Joel Madden. Proof that you shouldn't judge by the company a person(band) keeps.
"Holy crap, dude! This band called Lola Ray opened for (insert band name here) last night. They fucking brought it down! The lead man has awesome stage presence! YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK THEM OUT!"
by That One Girl February 03, 2005
another name for a LAN party to make it sound less geeky
we had a naked party over at bill's last night.
by That One Girl January 22, 2003
a general outburst of frustration or anger. can be used in reference to a person, thing, or situation.
crackmonkey, my computer crashed!
you're such a crackmonkey!
by That One Girl January 22, 2003
stands for "sweet liquid orgasm!" used in IMs
by That One Girl January 22, 2003
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