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a company that makes apparel for skaters, but is mainstream, so instead its worn by preps (in sizes medium or small) or by fake wannabe skaters and just about everyone who dosent skate.

same thing applies for adio,quicksilver and famous stars and staps
hes wearing DC shoes as well as a dc shirt, but he dosent actualy skate.DGK is still the best skate team
by tha truth teller March 27, 2007
arguably the best current team in the MLB, they won 14 out the last 15 games and are stocked up on quality players with Nomahhhh,Maddux,Drew and some very productive rookies and a roster full of players that can hit well and play various positions

they also have a very diverse and rich history dating back to brooklyn

the Dodgers also swept those last place, cock master San Francisco Giants...........so you Giant fan bastards can STFU
Giants fan: d00d we own the dodgers

me: you know you got owned and swept right?

Giants fan: we gotz teh barry bonds

me: i see him! thats him with a needle stuck in his butt-cheek and rubbing cream on his arm
by tha truth teller August 13, 2006
a rawl ass b-ball player that plays for the L.A. Lakers.

better than lebron,T-Mac,iverson,and all those other over-rated and over-paid foolz.

alot of you called kobe a 'rapist'kobe had consensual sex,its different from rape...that gold diggin bitch he macked even admitted it and she just wants his cash

hate or love Kobe,hes the best and he plays better than you ever will

kobe is better than you cause:
-he puts up 20+ points a night
-you put 20+ points up...in NBA Live 05 but never put 1 point in an actual NBA game....so until you do that,and win 3 championships...dont say kobe 'sucks' and dont judge him
you hate kobe??? then why does you and your whole family buy his gear??

hate or love kobe,you cant deny his skills
by tha truth teller April 29, 2005
a song by pop group ozone

the song is really gay and so is the video, in which all 4 members are in an airplane dancing,then they turn to comic book characters and the planes propellers turn to giant speakers so the world is exposed to the pure gayness of the group and song.....
last time i heard Dragostea Din Tei, my penis turned soft
by tha truth teller June 06, 2006
1.another Rap artist who supports the death of hip-hop

2.his utter fakeness and crappy lyrics about money,females and slangin make hip hop worse than it already was

3.made a chorus "they see me rollin,they hatin" which is sung mostly by white 12 year olds who dont know JACK about REAL hip hop
You: Chamillionaire is the greatest,he makez TEH RIDIN DERRTY

Me: wanna see who really is the greatest? listen to Ice Cube,2pac,KRS-One,MC-Ren and Eazy-e you fuckin 11 yr old who dosent know jack about hip hop and who started it
by tha truth teller May 08, 2006
a white man who is racially and ethnically confused
paul wall is not sure if hes white or black.........so are millions of kids in the US
by tha truth teller May 30, 2006
a new-school rapper who represents the 'A' and has no musical talent at all,cant rap,and hasnt done or contributed anything to the genre so hes not a part of hip-hop kulture according to tha professor KRS-ONE

just because he got arrested (and probably raped in prison)people say hes 'hard'.......Aaron Carter got arrested too and hes not hard is he??

%90 of what t.i. says he never actually DOES....so what does he stand for???
people here who dont know anything about hip-hop say t.i. the best rapper out there...........listen to Ice Cube,KRS-One,Tupac,Snoop Dogg and youll know what real hip-hop is
by tha truth teller June 06, 2006

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