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43 definitions by tha truth teller

a one hit wonder pop rapper whose music appeals to middle schoolers. DIS IS WHY IM HOTT!

hes contributed nothing to hip-hop and he proves that strotypical rappers still exist..so hes worthless
look, he has the mims "why im hot" ringtone and he thinks hes "cool"
by tha truth teller March 27, 2007
my hometown,packed with Chicanos and OGs riding their box chevys while the system plays any CD from Too $hort

the hometown of drug deals,prostitution,car jackings,hustlers,pimps,convicts,crime scene tape,chalk outlines,shell casings,and proud ass Raider fans

damn,i love oakland
oakland is the place to be!
by tha truth teller March 12, 2006
SG #23 for the Golden State Warriors AKA J-Rich,2 time consecutive NBA dunk contest champion

can score with ease and throws down some sick dunks,most underrated SG in the NBA
Jason Richardson is the best dunker in the NBA,edges out vince carter
by tha truth teller March 12, 2006
a queer who cant speak english,wears tight fitting caps and garbles out words over a repetitive and annoying beat, made a song with snoop dogg and made a song about gasoline because of his apparant lack of creativity.

un-documented refugees from cuba and PR see him as if he were God
you: did you hear daddy yankees new song?

me: yes i did, i enjoyed trying to decypher what the hell hes trying to say
by tha truth teller July 15, 2006
a restaurant that operates in the Los Angeles/So Cal area and sells latin food, like some delicious grilled chicken.

those who have tried food from el pollo can agree with me and say that its way better than the steroided fried junk from KFC and Popeyes
i was hungry and had 4 bucks, so i went to el pollo loco
by tha truth teller August 18, 2006
since they are no longer used thanks to those DAMNED mp3 players, let me give you a breakdown of the now extinct CD Player

before the iPods and Gigabeats existied there was an electronic device which required batteries and played CD's or Compact Discs(round shiny plastic objects that contained music tracks)called a CD player

they were quite big and werent very portable, so they werent purchased a whole lot. sadly, the CD player suffered a quick and silent death in 1999 once MP3 players started to become famous. compact discs are also on the verge of death thanks to napster and limewire
me: i just got a new sony Walkman CD player

you: d00d, CD players are sooooooooooo 1998
by tha truth teller August 13, 2006
best described by Tupac

"this dorment and uncaring society"
Tupac also describes our feelings on society

"i got beef with this society that dosent give a shit, they too quick to say goodbye to me"
by tha truth teller May 30, 2006