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Professional football team in Oakland,California owned by Al Davis. the team has been humiliated and hasnt won more than 5 games for the past 3 seasons due to really bad coaching and lack of team discipline. but things will turn around since Oakland has signed former coach Art Shell,who is making his second appearance in oakland and is a coach who bases his gameplan on heavy discipline and zero bullshit. players have noticed a change in the right direction since day 1 of mini-camp

the Oakland Raiders are heavily hated by alot of people, but its in human nature to hate and envy the best. the Raiders are known to have the rowdiest and most loyal fans in all of sports...the "Raider Nation" who come to all home games and will travel across the country for away games,they are known for their outrageous costumes and wild pre-game tailgates

The Oakland Raiders will start the 2006 season off by beefing up a defense that showed some positive strides in 2005 by adding Rookie FS from Texas Michael Huff and USC SS Darnell Bing. the have also added cornerbacks Tyrone Poole and Duane Starks. they also added LB Robert Thomas

The Raiders will be explosive on offense after getting rid of kerry "concrete shoes" collins and bringing in Aaron Brooks from the Saints,as well as having the best wide reciever in the NFL,Randy Moss. on offense they also have Lamont Jordan,Jerry Porter,Ronald Curry,Doug Gabriel. they have also gotten a new offensive coordinator

the Raiders have played horribly under Coach Turner, but Art Shell will bring back the MYSTIQUE and NASTINESS and really show this team the meaning 'committed to excellence'..and bring back the glory days of winning
look out for the Raiders in 2006
by tha truth teller May 20, 2006
1.an over-priced electrical device that is used by wannabe "ballerz" and people who are too afraid to speak.

2.the death of speech
1.ayo son, i gots me da neu sidekick 3 yo, im iz da biggest balla ever fam...

2. our forefathers fought so YOU can have the freedom of speech so you can TALK and express how you feel....not to send a fucking text message on your sidekick to AMY telling her how hott chad is.....
by tha truth teller August 07, 2006
by the way.he dropped 81 pts,thats history and something that Wade,Queen James,Iverson,or no other overrated player in the NBA can do.....

bow down to the mighty #8......bitches
im not sayin that hes the best player ever,but at least recognize Kobe,and show the man some respect
by tha truth teller March 12, 2006
a song by Slipknot that owns
as i close my eyes, i feel it all slipping away

we all got left behind, we let it all SLIP AWAY!
by tha truth teller July 24, 2006
a fruity band whose music is heard at all Gap Lacoste Abercrombie stores
i was goin to foot locker when i passed by Gap and heard Panic! at the Disco music........it was really gay but the queers who were buying under-sized $85 polo shirts were enjoying it
by tha truth teller July 24, 2006
NBA team that is quickly rising,they have a deadly backcourt in Sam Cassell,Cuttino Mobley and dominate the paint with Elton Brand and the hairiest center in the league,Chris Kaman

currently 5th in the western conference,keep on believin,Clipp fans!
the los angeles clippers were taken as a joke by everyone in the past,but everyone is scared shitless of them now
by tha truth teller March 12, 2006
kobe style dosent refer to the way you have anal sex as the other definitions suggest, but rather when you dribble the ball,fake step to the left and cut right through your defender and finish it all off with a reverse windmill when coming off the base-line...

in a kobe-esque kind of way
you just got shook up and dunked on, KOBE STYLE!
by tha truth teller July 20, 2006
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