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1. an actor who visited South Park and ended up getting stuck in a closet along with Sylvester Stalone, he refused to come out of the closet so the south park police were forced to come and try to get him out of the closet.

but going out of the closet was tough, since R.Kelly visited the scene and started singing "trapped in the closet" while pulling his handgun out...R.Kelly also is stuck in the closet

2. the same actor that was stuck in the closet who is held responsible for the disaster on film called Mission Impossible III
Officer Barbrady: Come out of the closet Tom Cruise!!

Tom Cruise: No....im not getting out of the closet
by tha truth teller October 03, 2006
a queer who cant speak english,wears tight fitting caps and garbles out words over a repetitive and annoying beat, made a song with snoop dogg and made a song about gasoline because of his apparant lack of creativity.

un-documented refugees from cuba and PR see him as if he were God
you: did you hear daddy yankees new song?

me: yes i did, i enjoyed trying to decypher what the hell hes trying to say
by tha truth teller July 15, 2006
EB is short for EB Games, which is like a pawn shop for video games where you can trade in and buy new/used video games

it is also the only place where their employees are able to get away with Robbery by giving you almost nothing for what you trade in
i went to EB and traded in my XBOX, PSP, and 3 games and got $20 in store credit!!!
by tha truth teller August 13, 2006
biggest,most useless and annoying waste of space and time EVER!!

the worst thing to happen to the internet since Napster...a site where losers post pics taken in their bathrooms and share their personal information with the entire world and where people constantly whore their asses off online just to 'get a comment'

who gives a fuck if you have 21,000 friends on myspace, if you end up broke and homeless...ZERO of those 'friends' will show up and aid you
chicks at school: OMGzZ!!1 i am soooooo mad at chad because he didnt read my comment on Myspace!!

me: shut the fuck up with that myspace shit already! you artifical,materialistic cock master whores

chicks at school: ur just mad because you dont have friends on myspace LOLZ

me: yeah?? well at least i have 2 REAL FRIENDS who are there for me whenever i need them....
by tha truth teller August 07, 2006
a new console from sony,fanboys say that its twice as poweful as the 360 but the fact is that it only has 50 more MHZ in the processor....

the pricing for the PS3 has been announced (its official)

$499- PS3 with 40 GB HDD

$599- PS3 with 60 GB HDD

$699- PS3 Bundle with 2 games and 60 GB HDD
i worked for 6 weeks and had 300 dollas saved for the PS3....Sony ruined my dreams
by tha truth teller May 09, 2006
1.dumbass who rides the worlds fastest street legal bike without a helmet and gets owned

2.steelers QB who throws under 25 passes a game, and has a weird ass last name
Ben Roethlisberger rode a bike without a helmet because he dosent know that the floor is harder than his head
by tha truth teller July 15, 2006
the most over-looked, yet best fighter in the entireMortal Kombat series

but people dont take him seriously because he wears a purple outfit
i just whipped Scorpions ass with Rain and i slaughtered Kano too!
by tha truth teller August 08, 2006
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