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2 definitions by tenfouroverandout

a word to describe a number of different hairstyles that is combed back or tied back in a way that makes the wearer appear to be going fast all the time. The most common application of this word is the new trend with females who wear their hair in a stylish pony tail complete with a large ramp like projection at the front of their head created by means of hair pins, hair products and really long bangs, giving them the appearance of constantly moving at lightning speed.
The O.C.'s Alex Kelly (she sported it often)
by tenfouroverandout July 01, 2005
A replacement word for marijuana. Usually used when a parent or someone of authority is around and is often personified as a friend.
"Hello Robby, where have you and Dirk been all day?"
"Oh hi Mrs. Johnson, uuh...Dirk and I were just chillin with Ming."
"Ming? Who is that? I don't think I've ever met Ming."
"Haha, well he's a VERY good acquaintance of ours, I'm sure at some point you must have met him (coughcoughlikeincollegecoughcough)."
"I'm sorry what was that dear? Did you say something?"
"Oh, no ma'am I didn't, just got something caught in my throat. Anyway Dirk and Ming are waiting outside. We're gonna go for a walk. I just came in to grab a snack to bring with us."
"Ok dear, you three have fun!"
"Thanks Mrs. Johnson."
by tenfouroverandout July 01, 2005