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Another word for a fanny that some may find amusing as it sounds like the word fahjita.
I'm going to kick you in the fanjeeta for eating my fahjita!!!
by teenieb May 08, 2007
A good looking fat mungal(best friend)
My crungal loves McDonalds!!
by teenieb May 08, 2007
A made up childrens language which only those who are hyper intelligent can converse in.
Shamba, shambaboag, shambabogie!!!
by teenieb May 08, 2007
A name used to describe a females vaginical area for the benefit of young children who may otherwise find the word cunt highly offensive. cunt
Right Darling, make sure you wash your fantoosh in the shower
by teenieb May 08, 2007
Your best friend who you like to slag in derogatory terms!! A soul mate for life where the bond is so deep you can call them a fucking cunt and they will still love you for it!!!
He my mungal is your fangeeta smelly today?
by teenieb May 08, 2007
The only acceptable form of racism left. The slagging of those unfortunate enough to be born with ginger hair. Ginger
Who would like to join my campaign to globalise gingerism?
by teenieb May 08, 2007

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