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An amazing guy who knows how to treat a lady. Super smart, sporty, good with kids, and funny as hell. If he's your boyfriend, you're in for a treat.
Stacey: "What's your boyfriend's name?"
Christina: "Aidan"
Stacey: "Ooh, you're so lucky!"
by teeheeimfunny August 24, 2011
A really talented, smart girl who is the biggest perfectionist ever. She's always doing crafty things, and strives to be the best person she can be. She is the best friend you'll have, and she's great in bed.
Example 1.
Aidan: "What's that?"
Christina: "That's the blanket my friend made me."
Aidan: "Lisa?"
Christina: "Yeah, she's the best friend ever!"

Example 2.
Marcus: "I had the best sex last night!"
Stacey: "You totally slept with Lisa"
by teeheeimfunny August 24, 2011
An extremely handsome guy with a large penis, but he only has one ball.
Christina: "OMG that guy has the biggest penis I've ever seen! But he only has one ball..."

Aidan: "Oh, he's such a Marcus."

Lisa: "My boyfriend is SUCH a Marcus"
by teeheeimfunny August 24, 2011

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