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simply the plural of man, a sterling example of the streamlining of the English language by mans that chill on the streets
'urry up n sup that bong Billy, cos its on top if mans come
by tee July 09, 2005
Best rapper out for the new millenium. Untouchable! Re-invented the sound

HEE-Ahh, into his words! It's the shit!
When it gets hot, the Tech's straight killin' hataz
When it gets rock, the sex rates 10 I made her sit on this jock
Spits quick game inovator chick generator quick trip James Lemonader
by tee March 29, 2004
stems from the exclaimation heard in the prescence of the CID (coppers in disguise) if a somebdy recognises a car/plainclothes officer. The word is now uttered upon seeing any police vehicle/officer
by Tee April 22, 2005
Another Spanish Slang for Wall Mart.
Nos vamos a Waimama para comprass ropa.
by tee October 17, 2003
Slang word for a scooter, also used to favourably describe a fast or fun vehicle of any kind.
'That is a booter!!' often said after riding an off road motorbike
by tee August 19, 2005
girl dat looks good is hot; a nice ass
Damn dat girl is Sultrey
by Tee December 17, 2003
Pick up a sack of dat sticky sticky cuzz
by Tee August 24, 2003

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