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Any place that is similar to a paradise like island, that has mass quantities of women(who have vaginas!). Generally these women are liberal about what you can do to their vaginas. Note: Place does not have to be an actual island.
Rick: Are you sure about this place?

Dan: Of course, St. Louis is a total Vagisland. I just hope your brought your penis and balls.
by tedwilli9 October 17, 2008
When the media (mainly television) will report non-stop about "sad" events such as Darfur, AIDS, people dying of the Swine Flu, a teenager's dying last wish fulfilled, philantropy of billionaires, athletes visiting cancer wards and later playing that night through the anguish, Brett Favre's Monday Night Football game after his father died, people losing their homes and Jimmy Carter's response to it, "Where's Caylee," a man or woman who used to make six figures working at Fridays, 9/11 (and anything 9/11 related) and other lugubrious moments that are recycled for the purpose of jerking our tears and jolting the ratings of the networks.
KELLY: Did you see Nancy Grace last night? A baby was raped, a couple lost their home, Bill Gates donated 1 billion to Darfu, another baby was raped, Derek Jeter gave a random baseball to an 8-year old with an inoperable brain tumor, 9/11, 9/11, economy hurt people, baby raped again.

KEVIN: Yes, it's called Sad Nauseum.

KELLY: Is that kind of like when a baby is raped?

KEVIN: No. No it isn't.
by tedwilli9 June 21, 2009
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