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When you make yourself a cup of tea, and in leaving it to stew, forget about it, only to discover it, lukewarm, half an hour later, completely undrinkable
I was looking forward to that cuppa all day, but now my tea amnesia has robbed me of it
by teamon October 02, 2011
A description of the state of being extremely hungover. Extreme state of hanging, emphasised by the comparison to the function of a noose
I drank soooo much last night and I'm absolutely dying today. I'm hanging like a noose
by teamon December 20, 2011
Putting your entire iTunes library onto shuffle and just leaving it to play, even though there is a lot of random music that you forgot you had/is embarrassing/is audiobooks or podcasts amongst your preferred song choices. iTunes roulette is a game generally played when (individually or as a group) you can't decide what song to put on, because making a playlist is faaaarrr too much like hard work
:Whoa! Why the fuck are you guys listening to The Ketchup Song?
:Barely even realised, because we were playing iTunes roulette.

:Hey, I didn't know you liked ACDC
:Yeah, they're awesome. I like how iTunes roulette has just brought us closer together
by teamon November 25, 2012

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