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2 definitions by teachmehowtodougie2

Refers to the items purchased from a fast food restaurant, that are specifically obtained as something to eat, on the way home, before the main meal is consumed. The majority of road burger users are heavy people but are not limited only to fatties. It is tradition that the road burger be purchased from the dollar menu and may be substituted by a large order of fries, a shake, or nuggets.
Wow! That fatty just drove by with two road burgers, one in each hand, and is holding the steering wheel with her gut! Mmmh!
by teachmehowtodougie2 June 15, 2011
A phrase that gives the user the right and privilege to say whatever they want about the person they're talking to or anyone the two parties know, providing they say this before they begin their offensive rant. Can be substituted with, "I'm sorry, but..."
Noah fence, but you're very heavy.

She was all like talking bout me n shit but I said, "Girl, noah fence, but your momma called and said you're too ugly to look at. Mmm hmmm!"
by teachmehowtodougie2 June 13, 2011