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The overexuberence of some people who voted for Barak Obama
Look at all those Obamalamadingdongs at the inauguration, i wonder how many will be left in two years. although this type of dingdong will never admit to being wrong
by tdogsdad January 19, 2009
When your not quite right you have to ride the medium bus,
Suzie is on the honor roll and never does anything wrong she rides the regular bus.johnny shits his pants, drools and is in a straight jacket,he rides the short bus.And Timmy thinks hes a dinosaur and sharts his pants alot and somtimes eats his boogers, he rides the medium bus
by tdogsdad June 15, 2011
someone who is riding with you while your driving and keeps telling you how to fucking drive
That chick kept trying to nagivate so i pushed her out the door and backed over her head. and said "WOW ,looks like i got that right"
by tdogsdad October 05, 2008
burping and shitting your pants at the same time
i was so hungover i belched but i birt myself and had to throw out my underwear and take a shower
by tdogsdad October 03, 2008

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