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the bestest cover band in Chickahomony middle school ......Taylor faw, matt graham, zack wadsworth
by Taylor July 17, 2003
a woman with a vagina that ressembles the bill of a duck-bill platipuss
damn that stripper had a major vagiplatipuss
by Taylor October 16, 2006
First of all it was made by Clarisworks and then Apple bought them out and renamed it Appleworks.

Yes Appleworks does suck

That's why Apple created iWork to replace Appleworks
Apple did not make Appleworks, and the only reason some Mac users have it is because it came preinstalled on their lower end Mac
by Taylor March 30, 2005
PidgegullA Pidgegull is a CrAzY mIx between a pidgeon and a seagull. They are only found in New Buffalo, Michigan.. the best place on earth!
Lauren! Go chase that Pidgegull!!
by TaYlOr February 23, 2004
A little solid shit ball shaped like a gum drop,and taste like a gum drop.

Dedicated to:Cathrine Camp
Cathrine Camp was running around the house with a brown gum drop in her mouth.
by Taylor January 08, 2005
When your ass cheeks get coverd in shit from your ass getting worn out and it stays open and the shit falls out into you underwear or boxers.
My shity num nums make my ass sore and stain it brown.
by Taylor January 08, 2005
A person who is an alcoholic.
Good God Billy Fog Boss look at that six packer.
by Taylor November 20, 2004
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