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nigger loving whore
Bitch, Stop craving that nasty shit looking black dick you nlw!!!!
by tatomuck1 February 19, 2009
by far the best tasting water you can get. The reason why no one drinks tap water anymore. Drink a bottle of Poland Spring and try to compare it to other brands of bottle water and tap water from the toilet. You will see a huge difference in the taste.
I only drink poland spring water and no other water
by tatomuck1 March 30, 2009
The new ballpark for the Mets. Since the old one was a filthy stinking sewage dump (Shea Stadium) the new Shiti Field wont be much better, especially compared to the new Yankee Stadium.
Shiti Field looks like shit. It probably will smell like a sewer since its built on a landfill in Flushing right next to where Shea was.
by tatomuck1 March 26, 2009
The best tasting cereal ever created! It taste amazing. Unfortunately they stopped selling a few years ago. This cereal is based on Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story.
I love eating buzz blasts cereal for breakfast
by tatomuck1 October 26, 2008
another word for boogers, dry snot, residue and mucus in the nose. Its a word used by little kids that pick their nose.
Eugiene!... Get your fingers out of your nose. Stop picking your boogies

by tatomuck1 October 25, 2008
a very devious psychological smile tricking you that everything in the deal will be ok when its not
John told me that he will never get his money back. So I gave him the Nigerian smile and told him that its ok
by tatomuck1 March 26, 2009
The laughingstock of the MLB.
Doctor: "You know what'll cheer you up?"

Sick Patient: "What's that?"


Sick Patient: "Hahahahahahhaha!!11"
by tatomuck1 October 23, 2009

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