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When you are eating out a girl with gum in your mouth, and it falls out and gets stuck in her muff. Its not unlike when a hobo falls asleep and wakes up to a beard full of strange things, of which gum may or may not be included. It's possible that a hobo could actually find gum in his beard after eating a girl out, but not likely. It's a sticky situation, but it does lead to shaving usually, which is a plus.
I got hobo's beard from Tom last night. fuck Tom.
by tatertot November 26, 2007
i'll beat yo ass
Man, blake called me a bitch!! I said nigga IBYA!!
by Tatertot March 28, 2012
a male reproductive organ, but a particularly sloppy one. Derived from Shlotsky's Deli, a place where you may find cut meats of various sizes. A shlotz is a all meat and no manners, you may find that a shlotz that bumps into things and spills shit on people. Can also refer to a person guided entirely by their sloppy shlotz, or a person of equal intelligence to a piece of deli meat.
You just whacked me with your shlotz.

Get your shlotz out of my face, it smells like dead cow.

Dude, you are such a shlotz.
by tatertot November 26, 2007

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