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Same as Milf (Mom I'd Like to Fuck) but for a hot dad (Dad I'd Like to Fuck)
Girl, check out that Dilf by the swing set!
by Tamara December 28, 2004
A tiny in town in Alberta, Canada. After 'Star Trek' became popular the town capitalized on the name coincidence. There's a ton of Star Trek stuff in this town - murals, a huge starship, a space station that doubles as the town visitor center.
Dude! I just went to Vulcan! They've got great burgers there.
by Tamara January 02, 2005
Cool, sweet, crazy, crunk, anything that is way out there and off the handle, out of this world
Dude, check out that girl she is so javin.
by Tamara January 07, 2004
time after curfew when two people sneak out to hook up; attractive because
a. late nighters are generally too awkward to hook up under normal circumstances
b. usually kept secret, if either party is embarrased by the other
c. little talk- lots of action
d. similar to a midnight snack
Guy1: Did I see your SUV parked outside of Mary's house around 2 am on sat?
Guy2: What are you talking about? I'm hooking up with Sara.
Guy1: Then why were the windows fogged up and Mary moaning in shotgun?
Guy2: Why were you driving by at 2am anyway?
Guy1: I was late-nighting with Sara, tool.
by Tamara October 13, 2004
chap who in the glory days of the now defunct Vogue gossip and celeb forums intermittently posted sexually explicit and threatening bile, boasted of his earnings in 'the market', discussed his celebrity contacts and discoursed on his love for the bodies of preteen girls.
I miss NYSE and all the other ex-Voguers.
by Tamara October 24, 2003
Benni is tha luckiest nicest guy eva n he has hot hair n plays socca!!
check out that benni
by tamara April 03, 2005
1)Someone really nice who you want to like, but can't because everything about them is boring.

2)An activity or event that sounds fun, but turns out to be boring once you arrive.

3)Just like there's regular beer and lite beer, there's fun and there's fun lite.
1)Dude:"Hey, want to go hang out with Teri and Cheri?"
Chick:"No way, they are so fun lite."

2)Dude:"Want to go play mini-golf?"
Chick:"Nah, that's fun lite."
by Tamara June 27, 2005
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