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a tribe in newzealand who screws sheep, the ethinics of this tribe spread all over newzealand so now every kiwi is now offically a sheepshagger
sheepshagger some one who shags sheep
by tainted shadow August 14, 2006
people with out a life are those people who never do anything, except on the internet, and think their kool
those urban dictionary editors are people with out a life
by tainted shadow September 16, 2006
a lanky guy who gets laid and has no musical talent
that anthony guy sure is a lankdaddy
by tainted shadow September 15, 2006
an image created, (with lies and deceit), by someone evil or bad to portray themselves as good person.
people may use fake halos to get stuff, like premotions and crap by sucking up to their boss (when they hate everything about them) but people who wear fake halos all the time are truly evil.
the government wears fake halo s all the time aswell as celebrities
by tainted shadow September 16, 2006
the stuff that vampires drink, the stuff that emos want to drain out of their bodies...hey i just solved the answer to world vampire hunger.. emo blood yay everyone follow me
blood looks like red water but it is actually composed of cells which keep us alive
by tainted shadow October 01, 2006
when acne infested faces become nuclear and can pop or explode covering everyone with pus
to trigger the pimple into engage mode all you have to do is upset them emotionally
dear god hes going to pop
*pop* *pop* *pop* *POP*
by tainted shadow September 15, 2006
something that hurts if used the right way
i hit myself in the balls with my num-chuks...
by tainted shadow September 16, 2006
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