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A lesbian who is feminine.
Joy is femm. She would probably like your butch friend Brittany.
by Tabatha April 24, 2005
A person born with only one testicle. Or a person who lost their testicle due to a disease or a freak accident.
Damn! Joey put whipped cream on his nuts and his fat girlfriend bit one off!! Now he's a one testicillian!
by tabatha August 29, 2003
A group of girls in a school who we call FAKE...Their sluts with fake voices and ugly faces but think they are hott!! They think that guys actually like them when actually the guys are only just wanting some!!
K.T.M.R.G.D. are fakes because their ugly and fake!!
by Tabatha March 02, 2005
a scandalous online newspaper made by some amazingly genious girls
Did you read about *** getting shafted by **** in The Beached Whale today??
by Tabatha November 05, 2003
The coolest group of girls ever who spent one amazing week living in a house together at the beach and having the fucking time of their lives. They all miss each other greatly now.
Are you going to party at the Van Dykes house tonight?? they are the shit!!!
by Tabatha November 05, 2003
A lesbian who is femm and butch at at the same time or only slightly butch.
Stephanie is such a baby dyke. She wears guys clothes but always has her hair and makeup fixed.
by Tabatha April 24, 2005
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